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Sunday, June 27, 2010

end of june.

i am done with this module. the subjects i have for the past 3 months was rather dry as compared to previous module. gonna pack and off a short trip. hope it will be interesting. and i wonder will i make it back in time for the redbull gala.

orh.. did i forget to mention, i got in a redbull competition? i made a ship out of the cans together with Jade. an exhibition will take place from 3 July - 11 July at the brand new Scape building beside Orchard Cineleisure, Art Gallery on level 5.

there will be a people's choice contest. i sincerely hope everyone will spare some time and vote for me.

it's simple! click on the link below, enter your Name, NRIC and email. then click submit, and you are are done!

it's 1 NRIC 1 vote. so get your family, friends and colleagues to vote too! one lucky voter walks away a Canon camera.

so do drop-by the exhibition and support my work!

Monday, June 07, 2010

f up!

i wanna go for a run now.

i am feeling freaking stress!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

days are getting shorter?

i was trying to update my reads list on this blog. deleting those friends who have abandon their online space, adding new blogs from friends that blog actively. then i came upon tonkao blog, there's a picture of Lian Hien in one of her post. i could recall that was taken last friday when we visited ann siang hill. and somewhat it seems to me that the trip just happened this evening. weird, but this is not the sole case that i felt this way. i guess when time catches up with one, especially for people around my age. one year is equivalent to maybe for say, 6 months, everything suddenly just become contracted. hmm.. i really have to deeply cherish every moment i have.

side note, i received an email from redbull, saying my artwork was selected for exhibition this coming july at the new *scape building in orchard. feeling happy? sure, i am. but when i thought of the standard of the submitted work, i was quite dis-satisfied. i had less than 48 hours to complete it. there is so much space for improvement. however there will be a public voting, winner with the most votes walks away with a canon camera. so i will put up more details over here soon, hopes everyone could cast a vote for my work and i will have that canon camera to snap more pictures. =)

the other day, i passed by tanjong pagar train station.. and i felt in love with the architecture.. so gonna go back there to take more shoots before it relocate next july.


Monday, May 24, 2010

life these days..

hmm.. i am just done with the proposal for the school cohesion day. this cohesion planning thingy has been dragging for a long time since i could last recall. i realized no one basically bothered to put anything that was being discussed into black and white. everyone just talk and forget when the next meeting comes about. no proper documentation, no proper system hierarchy, no proper communication and for the worst, certain position bearers does not live up to position assigned. its real awful to see such a situation. i guess many in this committee does not put their priority here. and i highly suspect some are in for the fun and not work. as for now, i will have to continue this one-man show with tonkao. wish me good health.

for school projects, i am really far behind the peers. actually i had a good head start, but the committee thingy is bothering me, and got my attention diverted. i have to steer my focus back else the repeatedly cases of mad rushing at submission will occur.

i need to bark at myself whenever i talk about this. i am so lazy to get back my fitness. bearing in mind IPPT is approaching in about 4 months time, i have to start training. jog, swim and maybe squash.

and its true that being a student is one of the poorest period of your life. i need a part-time job.

pixar exhibition at science centre..


michael 19th birthday..


meeting youthfulness yovia..


the redbull moment with jade..


meetup with kinnardo..


meeting up with the strike peers..


fishy 21st birthday..



so... do you still love me?


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i am bothered tonight.
certain things that have happened back then, could never be revert.
yet, somehow i felt like i am still living in that particular time space.

i have already disappointed many.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Saturday, May 01, 2010

darn tired.

i was darn tired this afternoon.
and currently, i am feeling worse.

my mind was so eager to head home when morning class ended.
yet, classmates were dragging me to go ktv. and also, to pub in the evening.
i turned them down.
but i helped to google the info of the ktv for them.
while the last update i heard was that everyone went home instead.

sometimes, it get onto my nerves when people are just relying on others too much.
so when one decided not to go, the others are not going too.

let's be independent at times.